Thursday, October 07, 2004

mail art IN today--

A postcarded buck from JK Post in Utica, NY. Nicely arranged. It asks the question "Are you a mail art myth?" I think the answer is, "Not yet!"

I mailed to Neosho and somebody else...(I have a lousy memory--I guess I ought to log in and make a note of what's going out of here while I still have the mail around to look at).

I'm a little distracted because I'm supposed to be creating invitations for my son Sam's wedding to Amanda that is scheduled for November 13!! We should have mailed already, but NOOOooooo--I can't squeeze the info out of the busy lovebirds. Sheesh. I may be scribbling something out in crayon and mailing it in postcard form...yikes.

I'm digging the COMMENTS. Yeah, I can see how this blogging thing gets addictive. Great to see old friends!


At Friday, October 08, 2004, Blogger michael said...

Hazel is trying to introduce her students to the delights of blogging in the hope it will encourage them to find out things for themselves and keep a record of their time as a student and also a kind of alternative to a website, where you don't always get instant feedback from those looking or reading it. Most websites seem very static affairs which dont change much over the year but a blog is changing everyday which is much more fluid and organic , so very good for sorting out ideas and seeing things afresh. For example, seeing my collages up on the screen makes me see them in a different light and I can see faults in them (as well as the good things) that I wouldnt see normally.
Look forward to some image soon julie. have you got your Flickr account yet? Come and join the Collage Kids!

At Sunday, October 10, 2004, Blogger Lili said...

Flipped to your blog today - what is 'mail art'? I can't seem to figure it out from your blog. As I am an artist I'm interested to know. Follow my profile links to my sites and contact me from there if you like.


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