Thursday, March 23, 2006

TX fluxus buck

TX fluxus buck
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A swell deluge of mail continues to flow this way....here's a little buck that was part of it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

fluxus bucks on view

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here's a link to a "set" on flickr I'm building with Fluxus Bucks and mail art...


outgoing mail

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Here are a few things I sent out last week. They're all recycled in one way or another. The top one (to The Sticker Dude) was an order envelope from the days I had a rubber stamp company. The middle one (to Opal Moiety)was originally from Thru Your Eyes Mail Art. The last envelope (to Robbie Coulton) was a page in a magazine we weren't able to sell at work--most of the magazine was water damaged.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

whew! I think I've actually made it back!

Computer glitches and unresolved problems with images have me discouraged, but the good news is that the mail keeps rolling in. As much as I enjoy the computer miracles, nothing compares with opening my mailbox and reaching in for art from all over the planet. er, and that big ol' red wasp that was in there Saturday thinking about making it home....yikes!!! I left the door hanging open all weekend in the hopes that it would look too bright in there to be attractive to a wasp. Since most of my mail art shows up in my rented box over at the post office, my mail art isn't actually at risk.

More soon! I'm glad to be back.