Saturday, April 23, 2005

Documentation = dog eating vomit?

On one of the online lists about mail art, I asked if there would be documentation of an old friend who doesn't seem real clear on some of the mail art concepts of exchange and one of the old timers--who actually knew Ray Johnson--GASP!--made the comment that documentation is like a dog eating its own vomit...

Since I think the documentation, as much as it's a pain in the ass, does a lot to expand the network and keep it alive. Some people think the network is dead or dying. maybe that's because they don't do documentation?

Or something. Comments?

Monday, April 11, 2005

ex posto's mail art going out

here are a few that went out one day last week

mail art 4/05

mail art 4/05
Originally uploaded by ex posto facto.
The mail comes in,
the mail goes out,
the mail plays piggy wig
on your snout...

All of what was in my mailbox on a day last week. Nice haul, eh?