Thursday, October 14, 2004

much to learn

Michael has put up a new blog with lots of mail art from his archives. I can't figure out how to get one image and he's got zillions! How'd you do that, Michael? It's a lovely blog and I'd like to link to it, but I haven't figured that out either...sheesh.

Mail yesterday saved me from my crabby mood--two nice pieces with letters from Neosho--also a fluxus buck she addressed, put a stamp on and mailed naked. Cool. CZ Lovecraft in California sent a nice fat envelope of great stuff--but the envelope is always the best part from CZ. I also heard from Rudi Rubberoid in Washington state. He seems perky for a guy who isn't getting around very well. I also got postcards from Picasso Gaglione(Chicago) and Bruno Capatti (Italy).


At Thursday, October 14, 2004, Blogger Jonathan said...

Geeze... I've sent mail to Bruno in the past couple of months... he doesn't write... Good for you keeping it all alive.

At Friday, October 15, 2004, Blogger michael said...

Get yourself a Flickr account and steal lots of images from people. You can always ask them nicely first ofcourse- I'm sure they wouldnt mind- a very friendly bunch there! Or buy a cheap scanner or digital camera. (some are tiny and hang on key fobs! not many pixels but you dont need many for thum nails!)
You can do it!

At Saturday, October 16, 2004, Blogger Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Julie,

I myself use the program Hello. It is integrated with the Blogger, and all goes very automated indeed. No problems after one downloads this software.

The test I mentioned on my blog used this software. As soon as I have an images on my computer, the programm direct it straight to Blogger and publishes it automatically. Fullproof. Try by using the link on my blogger (the small icon at every image)

P.S. I sent you an envelope with plenty of Fluxus Bucks some days ago. Expect some money in the P.O.Box soon...



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