Tuesday, October 19, 2004

cough, cough, sniff

I'd be happily dozing off if I didn't have a sick teenager in the house with me. Not good timing at all for both of us to get these colds at the same time. But we've done it. We're off to Wal-Mart in a few minutes for meds and juice.

Yesterday's mail brought in surprises from VIC in Louisiana, Leavenworth Jackson in Berkeley CA, Tamara Wyndham in NYC, and Eleson Grogan in Alabama. I'm mailing a few things, but right now I don't remember much of anything--i'm still coming off the NYQUIL...

At least I'll be able to stop at the post office and see if there's anything in the box!


At Friday, October 22, 2004, Blogger michael said...

Thanks for nice mail that came yesterday Julie. i will respond soon I promise. adding your bucks to my FLOSS send outs.

At Friday, October 22, 2004, Blogger DrFluxbuxenstein said...

Hey Michael! If you want enough for all the Flosses tell me how many you need --since they aren't the size you described I wasn't sure they'd work. If I don't have enough I can always make more!


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